Breitbart published an article yesterday entitled, "Black Lives Matter Protesters Disrupt Chicago Gay Pride Parade" which made for an entertaining over-coffee read this morning.

Yesterday, nearly one million turned out for the annual Chicago Gay Pride parade, no doubt invigorated by the recent Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling. But it seems that even rainbows can’t escape the race war. Their peaceful parade was interrupted by gang violence, shooting, "drunks", and the same "Black Lives Matter" group that was stirring the pot in downtown Baltimore in early May.
It must be frustrating when the media moves on to another cause without notice. The spotlight that was to be a fun-loving self-affirming march in Rahm Emanuel’s backyard for same sex love became a violent clash of the special interests groups leaving protestors injured when at one point someone drove a vehicle into the participants. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.
In other related news…Lady Gaga, an entertainer famous for eccentric costumes, antics, and poorly executed Sharon Stone-esque nude selfies, mistakenly tweeted about the Chicago Gay Pride Parade when she was in fact, watching the Chicago Mariachi Festival.
I haven’t been this amused by a tiff since the Audubon liberals engaged wind-power advocates over the slaughter of birds by turbines.
It’s nice to know that righties aren’t the only ones with sibling rivalry issues.
*Above "Chicago" photo by Anthony Soave
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