Today we see al Qaeda resurgent in Syria, Lybia, and now Iraq. This is mostly attributable to our government, which is indifferent at best. As Obama prepares to huddle with Iran, it gives new meaning to the phrase, "the terrorists are us."
And so it feels appropriate that the chief villains on this season of 24 are a fanatical, blue-eyed British woman and her hatefully indoctrinated children. We may not yet be our own worst enemy, but we’re getting there.
A fear of being called racist now prevents most Americans from calling our enemies by their true name. So, when Jack says, "I hate these people," it sends a shudder up and down your spine, because he’s telling the truth on prime time television.
Revisionists now claim that Winston Churchill wasn’t much of a leader, but he did make pretty speeches. Personally, I agree with Tom Brady’s comment that the only statistic that matters is the score at the end of the game.
Currently, our leader is no geo-political strategist, and if his speeches are boosting anyone’s morale, it can only be the Islamofacists. He’s certainly no Winston Churchill.
At least we have Jack Bauer.
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