In an obvious attempt to strike back at The Bird, the U.S.A women’s soccer team took home the World Cup 2015 Gold Medal tonight, dominating Japan for the entire match. Is it coincidence that Pearl Harbor Day is just six months and two days away? I think not.

I drove into town to watch the match at a family owned pizza joint because I’m off-the-grid in Northern Michigan this week. In a matter of five short days I’ve:
* Fly fished the "Hex Hatch" on the Manistee River
* Watched the Thunderbirds do a fly over
* Gone to the beach
* Toured distilleries
* Put a wood ceiling up in a cabin
…and *last but not least* listened to a homily by a liberal Jesuit priest protesting the celebration of our nation’s independence from Britain. "Because" he said, "God says do not kill, with no exceptions".
Apparently, this priest needs to brush up on Just War Theory. If "peace at all costs" was indeed biblical and our nation subscribed to that manner of thinking then the Civil War would not have been fought and slaves would still be slaves. In addition, the Germans would still be marching along Les Champs Elysees and the Jewish tribes, eradicated. That doesn’t sound super peaceful to me.
Why are liberals so opposed to celebrating our nation’s birthday? Because most of them refuse to admit that our "freedom" as declared on July 4, 1776 was specifically freedom from government tyranny.
The last thing my husband who spent eleven years in uniform needs to hear at church on July 4th weekend is how we don’t need the military.
That was the second worst homily I’ve every heard….
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