The guy above is hunting terrorists from the couch in between episodes of Survivor Man and Dude, You’re Screwed reruns. He has a basement full of MREs and enough stockpiled ammo and kevlar to outfit the 75th Ranger Regiment for six months under heavy fire. He is determined to light up a terrorist, but the poor guy can’t seem to find his local recruiting station.
My husband reads "Duffel Blog" religiously. It’s written by active duty and former active duty vets who have a great sense of military humor and perfectly deployed sarcasm that some may not get, which makes it all the more hysterical.
Recently, a Duffel Blog post was published poking fun of folks (primarily men driving trucks) with pretend terrorist hunting license stickers on their vehicle. The irony is that any number of those individuals could get a tax payer provided high caliber weapon and hitch a ride with the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, to the Middle East and see real live terrorists. Heck, they’ll even get a modest monthly stipend to do it.
We have troops on nearly every continent, hunting terrorists without shouting it from the rooftops…making a last ditch effort (with diminishing resources) to keep ISIS and other terror groups from further spreading across the globe and especially here at home.
So if you are one of those folks with a terrorist hunter / ISIS hunter sticker on your car, yet haven’t served, now would be an opportune time to get some action, overseas.
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