Dates are few and far between when you have four little ones. So when a business acquaintance introduced my husband to fly fishing out West, he came home and suggested we take a lesson together.

We scheduled a professional lesson with Rob Lepczyk, a certified Orvis instructor from nearby Great Feathers fly shop. Not only did we get to play hooky on a Friday morning, we were literally hooked on a new outdoor sport that we could enjoy together only five miles from our home on the fabled blue ribbon "Gunpowder", a top-50 trout river and estuary of the Chesapeake.
My husband finally redeemed himself among men in my family…Because until that morning he bore the unfortunate reputation of being a terrible fisherman. And to be called such in the great coastal state of Maryland is a brawl-worthy insult. Luckily, the lovely little trout above was the first catch of the day and consequently put my husband on the board first.
What exactly is "nymphing"? It’s not what you think. Neither is a "green weenie".
The full story of our fly fishing adventure was published today on PJ Media Lifestyles….
Here’s a link:
Trout streams and rivers are being stocked across the country this week. Get your honey, grab a rod and get out there and snag your dinner!

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