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Just to recap today’s headlines–Anyone voting for Trump is a racist, bigoted, backward, fascist, woman-hating war monger who seeks to ruin everything our nation has accomplished since WWII. Oh, and of course, the world collectively hates Trump and we should really take that into consideration when voting for the next king of the free world.
This manner of thinking was recently illustrated by a friend who was in New Zealand, in a bar, in the men’s room, and witnessed a "Trump" figurine sitting in the communal urine trough, getting a golden shower of love. "Why?" I asked. "Global economy" he replied. As if every corner of the earth should get to weigh in on what’s best for them, not those of us who will actually live with our decision.
The reasons for the "Anyone But Trump" crowd may be more about personal pride and prejudices than concern for our nation. They want change, but not too much. They want a leader, but an impotent one.
They are the spoiled popular kids in high school who feel personally jilted when a newbie moves into town, steals their thunder, and beds the pom squad. And in 2016, Trump is the new kid, righties are the pom squad, and centrists are pissed about being cold at night.
In case you haven’t heard, if the race in Florida gets tight, Sally Bradshaw, Jeb Bush’s top advisor, disclosed that she will vote for Hillary Clinton. Today CNN reported that Bradshaw has officially left the GOP and cites Trump as the catalyst:
"As much as I don’t want another four years of (President Barack) Obama’s policies, I can’t look my children in the eye and tell them I voted for Donald Trump. I can’t tell them to love their neighbor and treat others the way they wanted to be treated, and then vote for Donald Trump. I won’t do it."
Well here’s a thought, Sally. You say you are pro-life and support the Second Amendment? Look your children in the eye and tell them you endorsed Hillary, a candidate who supports selling the body parts of aborted babies and that Hillary has an endless supply of armed body guards that we pay for yet she does not think commoners deserve to protect themselves in a similar fashion.
Tell your kids that you’d rather have a temper tantrum than put conservatives on the Supreme Court. Then explain how Hillary plans to absorb 65,000 Syrians refugees when our government can’t even manage the care of our Vets. Because Hillary has no problem leaving them behind.
In voting for Hillary, you agree to increasing government corruption, regulations that cripple businesses and local economies, yoking our kids with insurmountable debt, no privacy, and a state supervised marketplace.
Hillary is a liar. She cannot stop lying. That is not a character trait, it is a character flaw. Even our enemies are better at telling the truth.
I don’t like Trump either. I’m old enough to remember his extramarital extracurricular activities gracing the cover of People Magazine in the 90’s. Trump dumped a smart, beautiful, business savvy wife, for an anatomically perfect but water-balloon for brains Georgia peach and former showgirl. I can’t imagine how Ivana must have felt seeing this in the check-out line shortly after. Trump was a jerk and may still be a jerk.
But how is what Trump has said or done worse than the Clintons/Obama?
Bill Clinton was good at something, but it wasn’t making good trade deals or catching Bin Laden…Hillary armed Syria through Libya without our permission…innocent civilians in the Middle East were accidentally killed by Obama’s drones…John Kerry believes the environment is the most pressing concern to our national security… and Obama claimed ISIS was"contained" the day before 130 were killed by terrorists in Paris. They haven’t a clue. And that’s worse than anything, even Trump.
So, Sally Bradshaw. From one mom to another, whatever you decide to do, your kids will still love you. That’s what makes being a mom so great. So don’t make this about being true to your kids and conscience because if you vote for Hillary, you’re screwing both your kids and mine.
Put your big-girl pants on and stop whining.
Or better yet, just be honest and admit you’re a liberal.
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