The first "Hillary for Prison" sign in Maryland may have been posted on my road. We live in one of the only conservatively held districts in Maryland, an agricultural community known for beautiful historic farms, quaint blue ribbon public schools, and of course, a great gun shop. And here’s the crazy part: Unlike terminally liberal Baltimore City and Montgomery County, Northern Baltimore County is nearly crime-free and exceedingly affordable.
We’re a start contrast to neighboring areas who esteem status quo liberals like Marilyn Mosby, the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, and her husband, Nick, a Baltimore City Councilman who is running for Mayor of Baltimore. At this point, I’m wondering if Baltimore could get any worse. Nearly fifty years of Democratic rule has done nothing but methodically syphon life from the once proud city underclass. Black families in particular have been wholly dismembered, their young having few opportunities to flourish.
The faces are bleak, hopeless. Anyone who dares drive through the city can attest to entire blocks of row homes being abandon, boarded over, and uninhabitable. People are murdered in broad daylight in the ghettos, but of course, a 40% increase in murders this year already is just crime working it’s cycle according to Marilyn Mosby.
The Baltimore Sun reports that only some residents are concerned with a conflict of interest should the Mosby power couple rule Baltimore. After all, Baltimore, like most American cities, is infinitely liberal and only oppose a ruling class if potential candidates are conservative. In a nutshell, the same folks that refute an ongoing Bush dynasty are shamelessly rooting for another Clinton.

But our petite district boldly goes against the robust liberal ideologies embraced by the rest of the nation’s third most democratic state . While driving the kiddos to school this morning, I passed that first "Hillary for Prison" sign in the area. I heartily laughed then promptly swallowed my smile after metabolizing the fact that Hillary could indeed be elected next year. So when I got home, I sought out a "Hillary For Prison" sign online and was pleased to find quite a variety of signs and related amusements. Here are just a few:
Notice the website at the bottom:
I think this shirt would look great with her blue eyes. Although orange would work well too…
This one might be my favorite…
If convicted, maybe Hillary will defect to Russia rather than face a prison sentence. Would it matter since she’s already leaked information that she supposedly doesn’t know about? The Russia scenario would benefit the taxpayers tremendously as we would not have to pay for her to stay at some cushy women’s prison. Perhaps the former Secretary of State could even get a hot KGB-issued assistant that resembles Huma…
There are plenty of gross/funny anti-Hillary bumper stickers, but I wanted to keep this post rated PG.
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