Photo my fella took at Camp Muir (with iPhone!) – Mt. Rainier National Park

In an effort to introduce American children to our nation’s most beautiful acreage, the National Park Service launched the "Every Kid In A Park" initiative on September 1st. Free park passes are available to families, grandparents, and educators of children either in schools or the homeschool equivalent of fourth grade. I just printed out ours this morning and I’m headed to Staples this evening to laminate it. Each printed pass bears a unique code. Photo copies will not be accepted at parks.

Passes can be downloaded at the site on the link above. Only a zip code is required to register. Up to three adults are eligible for free entry as well as any relations under sixteen. This is a great opportunity to see what makes our nation unique among nations–abundant public lands, open to all. There are over four-hundred National Park sites. To see a them on a map click here.
Go see Zion National Park from the back of a Jeep (below). Be sure to use the privy first–it’s a bumpy ride!
Or do some fall hiking in Acadia (below) . Take some TP in a baggie to leave with…Don’t be like my husband’s buddy nicknamed, "One Sock".
See your tax dollars at work with your fourth grade child, grandchild, niece, or nephew at a National Park!
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