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Penning one truly solid, relevant paragraph can take hours whether that paragraph closes a page, chapter, or novel, is irrelevant. Because arranging words and ideas in a clear and concise manner is like digging around for a splinter. You can’t be fully relieved until it’s all out and cleaned up. Ditto for being a wordsmith. Sometimes there is no word for what you want to convey and creating a new word from an already exhausted English language saddles a writer with yet more cause for acute internal angst.
Original stories are becoming increasingly rare in this tech age. This is why Point Break, Total Recall, Ghost Busters, and MadMax are being re-released as are T.V. shows that were popular twenty years ago like Full House and Boy Meets World (now called Girl Meets World). Creativity and story lines have not evolved at the rate of technology.
Writers and other creative types are given lip service publicly, but most people still don’t get that a short story of 3000 words can take a week to get right. For example, an acquaintance recently make a wise crack about me "sitting at home, doing nothing all day" when I wasn’t available to meet her, citing a deadline. I just smiled, too irritated to open my mouth, lest something ugly come out…like the fact that four young ones would make anyone busy, not to mention that just because my work schedule differs from her 9-5, that I am just as slammed as any other working mom. I have deadlines that I make for myself, so that I stay on task. She snickered at the idea of writing as work, which is pretty common. Even writers are critical and catty with each other rather than supportive and encouraging.
There’s a character named William in several LinkedIn writer’s groups. William is an expert on reading, writing, editing, and selling books.
William does not share his face. He writes without caps, reasonable adult grammar, or punctuation. He comments on threads at all hours and formats rants in tidy poetic four-line stanzas, even his playground-style name calling if a contributor disagrees with his vast opinions on all things literary. William has openly attacked other writers (myself included) when asked to remain civil to other writers in the group. When queried about his written words, he offers no reference, only more insults.
William and his like-mannered self-employed "writer" cohorts pepper the internet yet often have nothing to show for the countless hours (or years) they’ve been supposedly honing their craft. It’s writers like William that give hard-working, burning-the-midnight-oil, and weekend writer warriors, a reputation for idleness.
In case you didn’t read this already, Buzzfeed offered a highly amusing overview of how writers spend their time and find material…perpetuating the stereotypical writer who whittles away the day, grazing in between runs to Starbucks, staring at his/her laptop, and drinking. Some I can definitely relate to, but most are about wasting time and procrastinating, ect.I’m not sure where these writers live, but my gut tells me the mildewy basement in their momma’s house. Because unless one is independently wealthy, it is unlikely that a writer who produces nothing, stays a writer for long.
Generalizations are often successful in representing the median and the mediocre. But there are those who craft peerless, timeless, fonted works of art reflecting the boundless borders of the mind’s traverse, stealing away hours from the unsuspecting reader without notice. I hope to someday be lumped into this impressive bunch of word addicts. Those who create not because they want to, but rather because they have to.
To be a writer that writes, just as a breather, breathes.
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