After reading about what happened at the Trump event in Costa Mesa last night I have come to the following conclusions about the far left:
1. California’s high state debt is directly correlated to the number of residents who can’t differentiate patriotism from fascism.
2. Protesters no longer peaceably shed light on relevant subjects or injustices. Protestors are people hired to break stuff they don’t own.
3. Freedom only applies to liberal thought and they can change the definition of freedom at will.
4. Not only are liberals angry, they are hateful and violent.
5. The only thing they abhor worse than conservatives are people who stray from far left ideologies after years of progressive doctrinal entrenchment.
A prime example of point number five are the fire-breathing vegans.
After learning that the owners of vegan Cafe Gratitude in L.A., "harvested" two cows on their large farm that supplies the restaurants with greens and things, animal rights protestors sought to punish them, severely.
The cows were initially introduced to the farm for fertilizer but the couple, after ten years of veganism, decided to introduce meat back into their own diets…starting with the two cows.
Despite the fact that the harvested bovine muscles were not sold but used for personal nutriment of family and friends, the Engleharts have been the subject of boycotts, nasty grams, and even death threats from disgruntled plant eaters.
The Engleharts insist that meat will never be introduced to their restaurants which combined serve 28k meals a week. But the couple has been nonetheless attacked for having changed their minds regarding their personal diet after owning and managing a farm. It seems that eating animals raised humanely was far from revolting and the couple isn’t apologizing.
Matthew Englehart stated, "I am allowed to change my mind (about my own diet)…And by the way, I never even told them what my mind was. All I told them was it’s a vegan restaurant. And still is! And it always will be!"
If only the Engleharts understood the depths of intolerance animal rights activists have for meat eaters. But death threats? I’m not sure what death by vegan would entail. Perhaps a spud stoning or forced fiber overdose?
So much for peace, love, and rocky road.
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