Have you seen these ads?
The intent of the billboards is to (supposedly) get people off the couch and to the polls. Thoughtfully addressing the yin and yang of the populace so that everybody votes…even those who are entirely uninformed regarding platform or policy…or labels.
Votetocount.com formally assumes the Swiss position on their website, stating that there is no political motivation behind these signs. They attempt to offer opposing positions on each advertisement, then affirm that despite our differences (which are rarely so black and white) that we are all voters, the only label that counts.
But in trying to dispel labels, Votetocount.com actually does a better job at further labeling folks and confirming mainstream misinformation regarding our differences.
First of all, we are not all voters. Voter turn out for the 2008 election was less than 63%, and that was high.
And the sign above that is supposed to be the blending of two opposite ideologies is just irritating. Of course veterans are patriotic and peace-loving! The two go hand-in-hand! The hippy-dippies got nothin’ on those who serve or those who love them…patiently waiting for our men and women in uniform to come home, hopefully intact. No one prays for peace in this world more than they do.
But apparently, nobody involved with this ad series actually know any vets.
Last weekend, my husband went to Texas for a long overdue memorial service to celebrate the life and service of a buddy. This dear friend of 20+ years ran towards a suicide bomber in order to save those behind him. Many guests at the memorial also served our nation in uniform. Each of those men are not only patriotic, but also peace-loving voters. No irony there.
If only the left could wrap their heads around the concept of sacrifice or why our warriors do it. But they are too engrossed in civic consumerism to understand selflessness–all take and no give. Seeking entitlements the U.S. taxpayer owes them just for being born here.
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