I’ve never heard of a Catholic calling out a regular churchgoer as a non-Christian. Generally, non-denominational Protestants handle that kind of work. I know this because I grew up attending various independent Christian churches who made a pulpit point to discredit other Christians who did not believe exactly what they do.

As an adult, I have been blessed to find good churches with sound doctrine that "major on the majors and minor on the minors". In other words, concentrate on the concrete teachings of the Bible and unify rather than divide the Christian faith. I’m happy to be a recovering fundamentalist since I never quite fit that mold anyhow.

Like many conservative Americans, I was furious at Pope Francis’ remarks yesterday. So much so that I couldn’t sleep last night. A champion for inclusion, yet Francis publicly dissected Trump from the faith for seeking to fortify an impotent U.S. border and protect the interests of Americans, first.
My husband, a Catholic, blows off almost all current Papal politicking as Argentinian socialist propaganda. He dismisses Francis’ views because although he is the religious leader of a billion people, he has no knowledge of free economy or how to truly combat poverty with relief, skills, and a robust marketplace.
I was content to ignore the Pope’s war on capitalism–But I draw the line at publicly harpooning another Believer.
Faith in Christ is a major and faith in walls is a minor. Pope Francis has sadly confused the two.
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