Book two in the Pixie for Hire series, Trickster Noir picks up where Pixie Noir ended. Lom, the little pixie with the tough-guy mentality, has proposed to Bella. All should be well, but their happily-ever-after is in grave danger. Threats from both Underhill and the human realms are closing in on them, and the fairy princess raised Alaskan redneck has to learn on the job, and fast!
Author bio for Cedar Sanderson: “I’ve been called a renaissance woman, which I find flattering, but I will only accept the idea that I am such, in training. I’m half-way through a degree in microbiology, just getting to the interesting bits. I’m finally going to be a scientist, which I have wanted since I was a little girl, for my second career, and a writer, for my third career. After that, I shall be the little old lady who alarms my family with never knowing what I will get up to next.
I grew up the military brat traveling a lot until Dad got out and we settled in Alaska, so I have been places. And I did learn to hunt, fish, trap, garden, forage wild edibles, prospect for gold and gems, survive in the wilderness, camp, can, butcher, cook, bake, paint, research, and blow stuff up along the way. I blew up a cave full of ogres just last week (on paper, don’t worry)! After Alaska, which left an indelible mark on me (only some of it from frostbite) I spent my adult life in New Hampshire, before moving to Ohio. I’m not done traveling yet, I still have much to learn, and miles to go.”
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