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PreTeena: February 4 – February 10, 2019

Sunday Comics!

You won’t want to miss these hilarious cartoons depicting the ups and downs of adolescence. Now each week’s strips will debut on Sundays as the lead strip of Liberty Island’s Sunday Comics feature. If you draw a comic and would like to have your work featured on Sundays, please contact us: [email protected] Check out Allison Barrows’ new PreTeena blog here.

Gray Skies & Hot Pink Sunset Colliding

*Submit your photographs of nature and the outdoor life to [email protected] to participate in this weekly feature exploring the natural world.*

Sunset On A Pristine Northern Michigan Farm

*Submit your photographs (or videos) of nature and the outdoor life to [email protected] to participate in this weekly feature exploring the natural world.*

The President Just Stole Your Land… and Gave it Back to Utah

Patagonia sent me, a devout patron, not one but two emails this week in defense of our federal public lands.  And today’s was just blatant misinformation if not an outright scathing lie.  Either way, it seems that Patagonia Inc. has officially tossed their 50 SPF hat into the fiery ring of environmental escamotage.

India Summer

An Honorable Mention in the 2017 Spring Shock Trigger Warning Writing Contest     The mud caking Marcia’s boots was making them heavier by the minute. It had become an effort to lift her feet as she walked beside the white-plank fence that ringed the Dammasch Farms corral. There was nowhere to step that wasn’t […]

Death in Yellowstone

In late summer of 1971, a group of me and some of my friends from Chemeketa Community College took a hastily-planned road trip to Yellowstone National Park. Except for Cullen, our trail leader, who I’d just met by way of my boyfriend Dan, these were people I was thrown together with as our tumultuous experiences […]

Thunder Egg

A woman’s scream broke through the sound of a neighborhood of televisions murmuring through open windows. James and I sat up in Jack’s and Connie’s recliners, shared a glance, and then jumped over to the sliding glass door. It was a Saturday night, and before going to bed Connie had reminded us to keep it […]

Rough Trade

Get one thing straight. I never had any use for homosexuals. I didn’t hate them, like my father did. Not that I’d ever known any. I had heard television preachers say that homosexuals were maladjusted and needed our prayers. Since there wasn’t anything in my experience to suggest I do otherwise, and since the position […]

Book Review: A Perfect America by Peter Meredith

I know what you’re thinking…Another day, another dystopia. It seems as if every author, especially of a conservative or libertarian persuasion, has a cautionary tale to offer. I have by now read too many to count, and most of them leave me unsatisfied. A good dystopia has a lot to accomplish, probably more than any […]