An article published yesterday at PJ Media reveals the campaign against one of Liberty Island’s novels. Matt Margolis writes:

In 2003, Scott Lloyd started writing a novel loosely based on his college experiences. He even kept at it while he was in law school. After three semesters the book had grown into something he was truly committed to complete, so after three semesters of law school, against the advice of family, friends, and faculty, he took a semester off to focus on it.

When the first draft was completed, he started showing it friends before shopping it around. The general consensus was that it was a great story, but that no publisher would buy it because of its portrayal of abortion. They were right. Science-fiction author Nick Cole was dropped from his publisher HarperVoyager (an imprint of Harper Collins) for refusing to remove a single sentence in a novel they’d asked him to write that cast abortion in a negative light. The novel wasn’t anti-abortion in any way, but that was enough for Cole to lose his contract. Since then he’s found more success in indie publishing.

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