Although you could say, I’m a most unlikely Marvel fan, David’s kind invitation to disagree with him is too tempting to pass up. Perhaps its because he dismissed Guardians of the Galaxy. Or maybe it’s because he placed Iron Man too far down on the list. Or it could be, I just wanted to defend my favorite superheroes. Whatever subconscious reasons propelled me to my keyboard, I think the Marvel Universe deserves our attention as creators.

David writes:

I’ll never forget the joy of seeing the first MCU film in theaters and realizing what it foretold of the future. Robert Downey, Jr. was born to play this character and it is endlessly fun as he built and developed the Iron Man suit. And the second one just carried on the successful formula of the first, minus the time needed for the origin story.


Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man. I can’t imagine Marvel pulling a Batman-type switch with Tony Stark. A new face for every generation. No thanks. Robert Downey Jr. was born for that role. I wasn’t a comic-book kid. Well, there was Mad, and Archie. But I can’t say I’ve ever read a Marvel Comic book. I’m a huge fan of how the character grew and evolved. The Marvel characters and films are woven together so well.

How do you rank Marvel Universe films? You can’t.

While it’s true, that you can see every Marvel movie individually and give it a thumbs up or down on its own merit, you lose a lot. It’s sort of like trying to admire a tapestry after someone has pulled the threads on large portions. The beauty of the picture is lacking. It is not complete.

Because each individual film holds its place in the Marvel Universe, I don’t think you can really rank them out of their order. Without Age of Ultron, you don’t understand Tony’s stance in Captain America: Civil War. Without the Avengers it’s hard to understand why Tony is having anxiety attacks in Iron Man 3. 

Rotten Tomatoes does a great job laying out the argument that the Age of Ultron is the unsung hero of twenty-two Marvel symphony. And also, how it laid the foundation for Endgame.

From the struggling Banner in Ultron to Hulk’s takeover in Ragnarok, then Banner’s inability to change at all in Infinity War. The entire story arc of the Hulk plays out beginning with Avengers: Age of Ultron, then Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War, and finally gives us the Hulk we see in Endgame.

If you missed Age of Ultron, and the Avengers having a few drinks together in their own little afterparty, there is a major scene that will leave you shaking your head in Endgame. If you did see it, you’ll be like Thor saying “I knew it.”

The list of connections and interweaving is extensive and discovering them as you’re watching is half the fun of Marvel films.

How can you rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe? How about, hero by hero? Here’s mine.

1. Iron Man

2. Guardians

3. Thor

Are you surprised I didn’t include Captian America? 


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