G.K. Chesterton’s masterpiece, Orthodoxy, remains completely relevant in today’s world in spite of being published over 100 years ago. This is so partly because he tackles and eviscerates the contemporary philosophies of his day that are still revered to this day. One philosopher he took on was Nietzsche, whom many in his own day praised as bold and courageous in his ideas and writing.

Chesterton would have none of this. In Orthodoxy, he criticized Nietzsche for having “always escaped a question by a physical metaphor, like a cheery minor poet. He said, ‘beyond good and evil,’ because he had not the courage to say, ‘more good than good and evil,’ or, ‘more evil than good and evil.’ Had he faced his thought without metaphors, he would have seen that it was nonsense.” Chesterton explained that the use of such metaphors was the mark of “vague modern people” who would not dare to define what was the good of their own doctrine.

This modern vagary remains as a facet of the pro-abortion movement. Most abortion advocates are masters of the euphemisms that deflect from the truth that abortion kills innocent life. But sometimes the truth gets out. In the opening week of May, a pro-abortion state representative from Alabama revealed himself and his pro-death value system for all to see. Unlike the typical, vague arguments we hear from pro-abortion allies, this man was unafraid to tell the world what he really believed.

As Ryan Saavedra chronicled on The Daily Wire, “Democrat Alabama State Rep. John Rogers made horrifying remarks on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives on Tuesday about abortion, saying: ‘Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later.’”

Rogers went on to suggest that abortion was the solution for parents who could not handle “retarded” children or those born without arms or legs.

These statements were so vile that even Planned Parenthood had to come out against him, as reported on Vox.com. “Not only were his remarks reprehensible, they are a complete distraction from the real work still left to be done in this state,” said Staci Fox, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates, in a statement to media on Thursday. “The people of Alabama deserve better.”

And yet, while very direct, exactly what did John Rogers say that most pro-abortion believers would disagree with? Their arguments are generally more nuanced, but say the same thing. ‘What if the mother’s poor and can’t handle any more children?’ is a common one.

Also in the first week of May, President Trump pointed out at a rally in Wisconsin that Democrats are pushing late-term abortion, and referred to Virginia Governor Northam’s remarks earlier this year. As Timothy Meads wrote in an article on Townhall.com, “President Donald J. Trump received backlash for rightfully characterizing Northam’s remarks on what to do if a baby is born alive during an abortion at last night’s ‘Make America Great Again Rally’ in Wisconsin, perhaps somebody should remind Democrats that a sitting Governor in their party supports infanticide (other party members do, too).”

In this case, rather than denouncing one of their own, pro-abortion allies went after President Trump. Meads described: “Caroline Orr, an associate editor of ArcDigital, tweeted ‘Holy hell. Trump just told the crowd at his Wisconsin rally that after women give birth, the baby is ‘wrapped in a blanket’ and then ‘the mother and the doctor decide whether to execute the baby.’” This caused others to denounce President Trump and suggest that his remarks were dangerous.

The absolute lack of self-awareness or analysis in this stance is astounding. President Trump factually points out that Democrats are pushing for late-term abortions in several blue states and accurately describes Northam’s own statements, and yet he is called out as the dangerous one. This is synonymous to when pro-aborts get offended at seeing pictures of aborted fetuses on pro-life signs. Rather than facing the consequences of their support for this grim procedure, they direct their offence at the pro-lifers pointing out the crime. We must shoot the messenger instead!

Such is the lot of the abortion advocate. Rather than admitting the truth that abortion kills babies, they must shout “It’s a woman’s right to choose!” And they must either ignore or denounce those on their own side who have the courage to face the consequences of their own beliefs. Or blame Trump.


Photo by Harald Groven