“Ringworld” by Larry Niven is a classic science fiction novel, and it spawned an entire series. Amazon is apparently developing it into a TV show. Having watched their Philip K. Dick adaptations, I think there are several ways it could be presented and remain true to the novels.

Star Trek without Starships

“Ringworld” presents a ready-made show based on the “Star Trek” premise but without starships, once you get to the Ringworld. Established canon says Homo erectus were relocated to the manufactured structure and populated something to the size of millions of worlds. Every species is humanoid and distantly related to humans. Lots of cultures, and if you walk a few weeks or fly a few minutes, you’re already encountering the next culture. Or challenge. Or whatever script writers want you to deal with.

A side benefit of the “Ringworld” series is that it could be anywhere from rated G to X due to the concept of rishathra.

Altered Carbon with Scrith

The first “Ringworld” novel is, at its heart, a scifi mystery. Who built it and why? In this format, they have the entire storyline with plenty of room for contact with local cultures and unusual discoveries. Sea monsters in planetary sized oceans, ancient technology malfunctioning, immortal brain-damaged people worshipped as gods… already canon. It is “Altered Carbon” but with scrith. And if they discover the identities creators of the Ringworld, they can move on to figuring out how to save the world… excuse me, Ringworld. Hint: Ringworld is unstable.

Space Wars

This storyline emerged in the second Ringworld novel and continued through the sequels. The galactic core is exploding. The Ringworld is unique for having enough room for refugees, if you gain control of it. And then you could, theoretically, move it. The Puppeteers are moving their home world and several farm worlds, so moving a mass like the Ringworld is feasible once you’ve added artificial suns to light it.

Local fighting over resources and legacy technology are already part of canon. The fight to save Ringworld because of the instability could be part of the second season. It was, after all, part of the second book.

The next books feature the fighting over Ringworld by other species, including humans. They’re trying to take over Ringworld to secure a life raft for their own species. You could add a plot to learn how it was made and maintained in the hope of building your own Ringworld and save your species. Fighting over the few people like Louis Wu who spent years there in the hope they have answers could be a key plot.

A later book in the series says they could take it to the next level and move the Ringworld via faster than light drive. With warring fleets left behind, all you have is Space Wars. And they can go fight over the Puppeteer worlds.

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