Barbara McIntyre writes,

“The world’s temporarily over,” says Cricket Hastings, the main character in Ravenna author Fred Tribuzzo’s American Blackout series. In the first book, “Pulse of the Goddess,” there has been a solar storm followed by a nuclear explosion over Kansas, and an electromagnetic pulse has wiped out all modern technology.

Cricket is living with her father, her nonagenarian veteran Uncle Tommy, beloved nun Sister Marie and their dog in their Ohio home. Their resources are a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, a Cub aircraft, a small arsenal and Tommy’s war experience when he remembers it. Food is running short and gangs are roving the country in search of provisions, gas and drugs.

Cricket and her group evacuate for a state park southeast of Cleveland, maybe in Portage County. She is forced to kill several people along the way and relies on Sister Marie to remind her of her humanity. Cricket must make quick judgments about whom to trust as the little band meets up with scattered travelers. They hear about a Cleveland woman who calls herself the “Brazilian” who is setting up a new world order, with a new religion.

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Slaves Beneath the Stars: American Blackout, Book 2

Gangster Town: The American Blackout, Book 3

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