The first title from Liberty Island this year is Tom Cosentino’s hilarious and heartwarming comedic literary novel The Art of Looking for Trouble, which released on June 23, 2021, and is now available for purchase.


Here is our current catalog of titles in order of release:

  1. The Violet Crow: A Bruno-X Psychic Detective Mystery by Michael Sheldon

  2. The Secret of Fatima: A Father Kevin Thrall Thriller by Peter J. Tanous

  3. Eden: The Animals’ Parable by Keith Korman

  4. We Can Be Heroes: The Radical Individualism of David Bowie by Robert Dean Lurie

  5. Tales from the Black Chamber: A Supernatural Thriller by Bill Walsh

  6. Miranda’s War: A Novel of the Up-Zone by Howard Foster

  7. Right Tool for the Job: A Memoir of Manly Concerns by Mark Goldblatt

  8. Justice, Inc by J.P. Medved

  9. Mad Jones, Heretic: The Accidental Prophet, Book 1 by Quin Hillyer

  10. Silver & Lead: A Novella of the West by David Churchill Barrow and MaryLu Barrow

  11. Sidequest: In Realms Ungoogled by Frank J. Fleming

  12. Jonah: A Novel of Men and the Sea by Howard Butcher

  13. Snowflake’s Chance: The 2016 Campaign Diary of Justin T. Fairchild, Social Justice Warrior by Curtis Edmonds

  14. Mad Jones, Hero: The Accidental Prophet, Book 2 by Quin Hillyer

  15. Mad Jones, Agonistes: The Accidental Prophet, Book 3 by Quin Hillyer

  16. Pulse of the Goddess: The American Blackout, Book 1 by Fred Tribuzzo

  17. Slaves Beneath the Stars: American Blackout, Book 2 by Fred Tribuzzo

  18. Gangster Town: The American Blackout, Book 3 by Fred Tribuzzo

  19. Red Line Blues: The Passion of Owen Cassell, Closet Conservative by Scott Seward Smith

  20. The Undergraduate: A Novel by E. Scott Lloyd

  21. The Odds Are Against Us: An Anthology of Military Fiction edited by Oren Litwin

  22. First Shot: Jin & Tonick, Book 1 by Bokerah Brumley

  23. The Art of Looking for Trouble: A Novel by Tom Cosentino