Many thanks to author Daniel J. Flynn for his kind mention of Liberty Island in his review of the new historical novel Armstrong, by H.W. Crocker, III:

Armstrong, published by Regnery Fiction, styles itself as conservative fiction. Crocker’s characters embrace rather than rebel against the gender roles of their time, and they discuss Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and other recently departed political figures of their times. But the author does not look to offer a tract under the guise of a novel, an increasingly common approach. With the literature aisle reading more and more like the politics shelf, conservative fiction, a subgenre that consciously places a political descriptive in its name, curiously seeks not to mirror politicized fiction from a Right perspective, but to write from a perspective largely devoid of politics. One sees this, at least, in Crocker’s offering and also at the website Liberty Island, a leading repository of “conservative” fiction whose qualification for that designation mostly stems from its abstention from overtly political themes.

Read the rest here. Also visit Flynn’s website and check out his books, especially A Conservative History of the American Left, my favorite of his titles.


Photo by Charles G. Haacker

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