The Lincoln Public Library announced a book signing next week with Liberty Island author Howard Foster and featured a Q&A on their website, the Lincoln Squirrel:

Chicago attorney Howard Foster is the author of Miranda’s War: A Novel of the UpZone set in Lincoln. The protagonist, a wealthy Lincolnite married to a professor, uses her new position on the Conservation Commission to fight what she sees as hypocritical zoning attitudes in town. Foster will give a talk and book-signing on Monday, Feb. 5 at 1 p.m at the Lincoln Public Library. The Lincoln Squirrel recently interviewed him by email.

Tell me a bit about how you came to write the novel. Why did you set it in Lincoln specifically? Clearly you’ve spent some time in Lincoln—did you ever live here, and if so, when?

I grew up in Newton and have always thought Lincoln was unique and fascinating. I’ve lived in Chicago for the last 28 years and have traveled all over the country and have not seen a place like it culturally and politically.

Have you been involved with disputes over local planning and zoning, either as an attorney or a property owner?

Yes, as a lawyer, over cell towers. Very dull.

Miranda seems to be a contradiction in some ways. For example, she’s bright, cultured and well educated, yet she scoffs at academics. Why?

She is married to an academic and reviles them. She thinks they are guilt-ridden hypocrites, but she loves to live among them.

Click here to read the rest of the interview. The Lincoln Public Library is located at 3 Bedford Rd, Lincoln, MA 01773, directions are available here.

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