At Liberty Island, we’re all about breaking the worker’s paradise-friendly paradigm, so sure, why not?  Let’s do a “Year in Review” column, even though it’s only the second column of Dispatches from the Alamo… and it’s the end of the freaking year.

You know how it hurts me when you doubt me.

The Cultural Year in Review:

“The Triumph of Trumpnation.” He was supposed to be the bouncy clown that Her Royal Clinton was going to recreationally slap around on the way to her pre-ordained coronation.  I mean, the “I’m With Her” herd was cautioning the unteachable red states that they have to put on their big boy pants and accept the results of the election (among them was Her running mate, Tim Kaine, Mr. “Never Met an Abortion I didn’t Support”):

And his supporters? I mean, do we really need to talk about that Basket of Deplorables?

The hellish scourge of mass shootings continued, again as predicted by the MSM news organs (which organ, I’ll leave you to decide).  Murderous right-wingers rose up to attempt to slaughter their political opponents. Racists attacked those of a different faith and melanin-level. It was hell, I tell you!

The War on Women broke out again. The GOP and conservatives and hypocritical Christians — there is no other kind, amirite? — were exposed at last as the rapacious exploiters of women that the Democrat Party has been telling us for as long as it was poll-testing well that they were.

Yeah, it’s been a tough year in the culture.

Only if you weren’t paying attention, that is.

Take Trump’s improbable but not entirely surprising victory (which I’ve written about elsewhere).  When the winning started the Clown Prince became the Prince of Darkness. He could drive mere mortals mad by simply existing.

And we all know about the Trump-supporter riots which set parts of Seattle, Oakland, and Los Angeles aflame, to say nothing of the unprovoked MAGA attacks on helpless Persons of Color and former Persons of Penis. Oh, wait…that was the fault of Trump. He made all of Nature’s Nobleman rise up in peaceful, principled #RESISTANCE.  That Democrat talk about “accepting the results of the election”  went all Emmanuel Goldstein really fast.

When the evils of Gunz were being preached at us by the self-selected Commissars of All Things Right and Proper Damnit, the political assassination attempt was never mentioned. Because it wasn’t a murderous right-winger. It was a Bernie-bro who went GOP-hunting and nearly bagged him a Congressman.

Of the many losers who have taken up arms against the invisible ghost-weasels whispering in their brains, how about that Sudanese immigrant who shot up a Baptist Church? He was stopped by a law-abiding citizen who happened to have a legal personal firearm which said law-abiding citizen put to use the way the Second Amendment and God intended. Award yourself bonus Dupe points if you haven’t heard about the Sudanese guy, or if you never wondered by we didn’t hear much about the now dead POS Bernie bro when the heifers on The View were lowing and mooing about gun violence or fearing what Trump supporters will do next.

You haven’t heard much about the Bernie bro and especially the Sudanese immigrant (say, what is the majority religion in Sudan?) who got taken out by a legal firearm because they are, to borrow Al Gore’s unforgettable phrase “inconvenient facts.” You know:  immigrant from a Muslim country whose murderous fit of pique was shut down by a legal gun-owner. Nobody needs to hear that story (or pretty much any story of a legal gun-owner stopping crime, criminals, or your average lunatic).  As for the Bernie-bro, when even Al Jazeera points out he was a foaming-at-the-mouth Leftist, you really want to keep him off the national radar.

When considering the eternal GOP War on Women, I mean… look at this veritable rogue’s gallery of hard-right Republican scoundrels:

Once the unofficial Bill Clinton Pussy Posse members began to be dragged, slithering and hissing, into the light, suddenly their behavior was a problem related to “all men.” Yep, it was “Toxic Masculinity,” not merely a set of scumbags who were happy to spout the LibProgDemocrat Party line about womyn’s rights and raise beaucoup bucks for “You Go Gurl, Hillary” while not so privately behaving in a way that in a more civilized time would have resulted them being horse-whipped to the state line.

In 2017, the election and Presidency of Donald Trump was treated like an extinction-level event by the Libprogs and the Media (but I repeat myself) because they know that’s what he is.

He’s by-passing their control of the story of America and that pisses them off. They know what’s better for you and me (they can afford to live in gated communities and hire armed security, but us hoi polloi proletariats don’t need firearms, just like we don’t need all the money we earn, because we can’t be trusted to use them wisely). However, Donald Trump is just one man with unfortunate hair. He is One, They are Legion.

What NPR (Never Praise Republicans Radio) doesn’t tell you is much more important than what they and their friends Always Bash Conservatives (the network previously known as All ‘Bout Clinton) and the rest of Must Socialist Many shove in our faces all day long. Test it out: ask your liberal friends if they’ve heard about how many Diet Cokes Donald Trump consumes a day. Then ask them if they’ve heard about how the Obama Administration shut down important DEA investigations into Hezbollah drug-trafficking because it might have gotten in the way of the “Iran Peace Deal.”

Yeah, I was pretty sure that was what your friends were going to say: “Never heard of it.”

And the moral of this last collection of Cultural Dispatches from the Alamo, v. 2017 is this: It’s the stories you are not hearing that keep us all Cultural Dupes.

(Next week: “Deepwater Horizon,” “The Finest Hours,” and a defense of George Clooney and Matt Damon’s “Monuments Men.” Honest.)