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Manhood today is under siege — regarded as an object of menace on college quads, associated with various forms of real and imagined oppression, ridiculed in humanities departments, parodied by sitcoms and commercials, and shriveled to a raisin-sized remnant by psychosexual theorizing.
But while manhood may be under attack in a sociopolitical context, it remains very much a living idea which every penis-endowed person must wrestle with over the course of his lifetime. Right Tool for the Job is a comic account of one man’s struggle to honor his testosterone heritage–with varying results.
"Men, women, and children have a lot to learn from Mark Goldblatt’s irresistible ‘memoir of manly concerns.’ Reliving his epic and trivial failures–as well as his unnatural-yet-totally-understandable attraction to Inger Stevens–he returns us to a recent past that is fading like a radio signal from a ship sailing off the edge of the world." — Nick Gillespie, editor,

"Mark Goldblatt writes well and thinks well and can do both at the same time. Plus he has a wry, sharp insight into life. It’s a powerful combination." — Andrew Klavan, bestselling author of The Great Good Thing

"Goldblatt is one of America’s most uncompromising literary iconoclasts." — John Podhoretz, editor, Commentary.
About the Author:
Mark Goldblatt teaches developmental English and religious history at the Fashion Institute of Technology of the State University of New York. He is the author of six books: two middle-grade novels, Twerp and Finding the Worm; a literary mystery, The Unrequited; a collection of political commentary, Bumper Sticker Liberalism; a literary satire, Sloth; and a political novel, Africa Speaks. Currently, he lives in New York City and alters his routes to work regularly.
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