3rd January, 1940


Generalissimo Franco Perishes in Automobile Accident

An unthinkable occurrence has cast its shadow over our newly re-united nation. Not even a year after the triumph over the God-less communists that ran the Republican government, the man who led the effort to save Spanish civilization has died suddenly. Generalissimo Franco’s motorcade unfortunately ran off of a perilous road by the sea. The great Generalissimo surely fought as hard as he could to escape his fate, as he was found by rescue workers clutching to life. Even though he was rushed to the best hospital in the city, he slipped from this world and into the next by the early morning.

Grief has come pouring in from neighboring Portugal, where Prime Minister Salazar expressed profound mourning for “a great partner against the threat of red communism in Iberia.” The Prime Minister is expected to attend the funeral of our dear Generalissimo in a few days time. Prime Minister Mussolini announced in a telegraph directed to the Spanish people that “if not for his sudden death, Generalissimo Franco would have become a true legend among the Latin peoples.” Even Chancellor Hitler took time today to recognize the “…Spanish Caesar who saved the right flank of Europe from turning red.”

Even though we report this terrible event to the nation with the heaviest of hearts, it is our solemn duty to inform our readership that they must not waste the blood and toil that the Generalissimo gave to make this country what it is. It has been recently announced that the Generalissimo’s brother-in-law, Minister Ramon Serrano Suner, will take up his position and continue the country’s drive forward. We expect that everyone will devote the same amount of spirit and dedication to our new leader.

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