Josh said. "Linus Thayer?"
Yes!" Linus said, his hands still held up in front of him as he pleaded with
"Yeah. I
heard of you," Josh told him. "You’re the one who wrote that article on what a
bunch of scum the average white person is."
Yes!" Linus said again. "So you see, some of us are finally starting to find
common ground with progressives like Elise. We’re finally able to agree on
who’s responsible for all the racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, and misery
in America! We want to fix the things you want to fix!"
looked at him for a moment and then started fake laughing. Linus and Elise
looked at one another.
we can help you. We know you want to do the right thing," Elise said to Josh.
"We know you want to be a better man — all of you want to be better men," she
said as she looked at the henchmen. "And we can help you with that. We’re
already getting out the message about all the wrongs that have driven you to
stopped laughing and he looked her square in the eye. "Don’t you get it?
This is what being a better
man is to me," he said, jabbing a thumb at his chest. Then he grabbed a pistol from his shoulder holster and shot Linus straight
between the eyes.
fell backwards and Elise screamed with the rest of the room. Josh and his
henchmen roared.
shrieked but could still hear Derrick and Trent shriek louder while Brindin,
Mi, and Yolanda all screamed and cried. The hysteria grew worse when
Josh shot Elise in the stomach. Then he walked straight up to her as she lay
curled up and screaming on the floor. He slowly leveled his gun at her face and
pulled the trigger.
should’ve worked! That should’ve worked!" Derrick screamed. Caitlin, Brindin,
Mi, and Yolanda looked at him with wide eyes as tears streamed down their
faces. Trent had his hands tightly smashed against his ears and now rocked back
and forth even more wildly while droning to himself, "I don’t want to die! I
don’t want to die!" over and over.
"No one
else try to do anything more! Just do what they say!" Derrick shouted. And even
as frightened as she was, Caitlin still had enough of her senses to wonder why
he was shouting that at them when they clearly had no intention of trying
anything other than crying and screaming.

Josh put the pistol back in his shoulder holster and put the megaphone
to his mouth again. "I don’t know why you all are screaming. The fun is just
beginning. I will turn this city into chaos over the next few months until
anarchy reigns. Those of you who brought misery on the rest of us will finally
pay a price, and everyone will finally see the true nature of all of humanity."

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