Yolanda said as the others laughed. She reached over to Mi and grabbed her bare
knee, and Mi looked back and giggled.
snorted sharply two or three times and then cleared his throat very loudly after that. "You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get the Sedition
bigshots to sign off on it," he said as he wiped some food off his mouth with
his thumb. Sedition Sequential Art also employed him as a writer. Caitlin
looked down at his shirt. He got the food at his mouth but still hadn’t found
the stuff on his shirt.
nation is inevitably headed in a progressive direction and yet it still took us
some time to convince them to let us do this. Of course, once they saw what
I’ve done with Macadam — cleared out the old one by making him a bumbling fool so
we could replace him with a new, black one — they knew we were going to be able
to make it work," Trent told them. He reached for his glass of wine and bumped
it, causing it to tip towards Caitlin. She gasped and jumped but it never fell.
Trent then grabbed it and eyeballed her for a moment before taking a gulp.
it’s great what you been doing with Macadam. But it’s funny the first bit of
diversity had to be a black man taking on the mantle of Macadam," Brindin said
to Trent. "What’s next? Are you going to have a Native American become the new
Red Buckshot?"
uh, it’s not like that at all," Trent quickly replied, setting down his wine
and devoting his full attention to Brindin. "You know, after General Truth, uh,
Macadam is kind of the flagship character for Sedition. So it’s not like…"
I’m just messing with you, man," Brindin said with a smile. Trent looked at him
for a moment and then started smiling too.
Yeah. I knew that."
looked at him as he smiled some more at Brindin. And then he hunched just a bit
more in his chair as he went back to eating.
Derrick, we want to hear more about what you’re doing with General Truth," Mi
said. "And the changes you’re making to him," she added as she leaned towards
wanted to hear more about that too. General Truth always had been more
interesting than Macadam, who was just a street-level superhero and who never
really fit into epic, earth-impacting stories.
deliberately looked around and then leaned in towards the group. "Okay, but you
have to promise to keep this to yourself. It’ll be about three months before it
goes on sale." They all promised to keep quiet about it. Derrick spoke a lit
bit softer now but still plenty loud for all them to hear as they leaned in
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