The deadline has been extended to Friday, December 11th!
Ever wonder what it was like to:
*witness the building of the Tower of Babel?
*be a soldier in Pharoah’s army at the Red Sea?
*work as a builder on Solomon’s Temple?
*hear Jesus preach for the first time in the Galilee?
We certainly have–and now it’s your assignment to take us there. Your short fiction entry is set in Biblical times, broadly-defined as any time from Adam and Eve to c. 100 AD/CE. That’s a long time period however you choose to reckon it, and gives you ample opportunity to tell untold tales, shed new light on well-known sagas, and provide insight into history, human nature, and our ancestors’ relationship with the Divine.
You are welcome to make your story as religious (or not) as you choose; there’s no religious litmus test. What the judges want are imaginative and gripping narratives. Bonus points for experimenting with different genres–mystery, romance, even fantasy/sci-fi. Just make sure it ties into the time period and setting.
Entries should be 1,500-5,000 words long, and can be of any genre you like. The deadline is Sunday, December 6th. All the winning authors will receive a copy of the forthcoming novel, Eden: The Animals’ Parable signed by author Keith Korman. Additionally, we may publish an anthology of the best entries…so aim high!
Send your entries to [email protected]