President Schumacher’s upcoming Celebration of the Constitution in the "Cradle of Liberty" of Philadelphia is set to be the first in a string of festivities celebrating the most cherished documents in American history. Unfortunately, not everyone is in a celebratory mood. Terrorists intend to set the world on fire, and deadly attacks in Europe are just the start of their deadly rampage.

With the help of a noted thorn in the President’s side, terrorists bring their murderous jihad to American shores with multiple sniper killings. With fearful Americans on edge, only the worldwide manhunt by the FBI’s secret Phantom team can stop the killers.

When a high-ranking government official is assassinated at the White House, the search intensifies to bring the terrorists to justice. With the killers promising more bloodshed, whether the Celebration goes forward, or whether Philly becomes the "Cradle of Death," depends on whether the Phantom team can stop the terrorists before they strike again.

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