Following his landslide victory, President Anthony Schumacher turned his attention to the most important issues facing America – energy independence and national security. After unveiling his All-American Energy Plan, the U.S. economy surged as oil prices plummeted. In the War on Terror, terrorist thugs were rounded up or killed – never again to bring their jihad to America.

Unfortunately, not everyone shared the President’s goals. The Pakistanis were hell-bent on revenge after one of their own was captured by the CIA. And with oil gushing on U.S. soil, the Russians were losing money at an alarming rate and needed a plan to stem the tide.

With help from an American traitor, Pakistani and Russian operatives decide to make sure the President does not return from his first trip abroad. Through various threats and ultimatums, the plan encircles the Italian Prime Minister, whom the President is set to meet in Rome. What follows will result in the most stunning announcement in American history. The President’s only hope for survival – an elite team of FBI agents shadowing his every move.

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