When Anthony Schumacher decided to run for a full term as President of the United States, one thing was abundantly clear – the Democrats would pull out all the stops to defeat him at the polls. Democratic presidential nominee Rosita Sanchez and her running mate, General T.D. Graham, know their best hope of winning is to convince the American people that President Schumacher is a danger to the country and they are the only hope for world peace. And they believe they have the perfect plan to carry them to victory on Election Day.

But one other thing was also very clear – the Islamic terrorists are well aware the biggest obstacle in their quest for world domination is President Schumacher. And they will do everything in their power to see him dead. When one of the 9/11 masterminds is put to death by the government, the enraged terrorists enter into an unholy alliance with Mexican drug cartels to see to it that President Schumacher and his FBI are never again able to wage war on their jihad and drug trafficking across the southern border.

With all the chaos in the capital, the nation wonders whether President Schumacher will win the election, or more importantly, whether he will live to see another day.

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