Last week it was the contrived and manufactured story about "OUTRAGE!" over a Coca-Cola commercial. I can’t even remember what it was the week before that. Seriously, this happens every Monday. The news outlets come out swinging for the fences, spinning the newest "controversy" and trying to win over the most viewers or readers, ironically dividing the country along mythical lines over some trumped-up "issue." Lord knows they don’t report anymore. There are no more leads, no more breaking stories. It’s all about who can spin it to win it.

And you thought spinning things to win stuff was just for the rebellious youths whose parents happen to be out of town at the right time. Moving on.

Why in the hell are we supposed to care about a Coke commercial? Are Coke commercials suddenly the great conduit to national discussions about societal ethics and evolution? Double-yew-tee-eff, folks. And the anti-Koch Bros. (boo, hisssss), anti-corporation crowd is out there screaming "bigots!" at anything they can find just because a few random nobodies wrote things like "Speek Inglish dammit!" on Twitter. Give me a break. Like they suddenly love the Coke corporation and commercialism. Right.

These are the same folks who stopped making Priest and Altar Boy jokes for a day when the Pope said something about wealth inequality. As a Catholic, I didn’t find his remarks to be new or profound. But these folks are true believers, and they will latch on to anything they can champion as their own. "Look, the Pope said that all your children belong to us, too!"

Uh, no. No, he didn’t. But I see what you did there.

So anyway, these true-believing totalitarians like to extrapolate one or two cherry-picked comments (about whatever) and then superimpose them over an entire group so they can summarily dismiss as many non-believers as possible. Make sense?

So, what’s it going to be this week? More wealth inequality and living wage Rah-Rah-Rah? More "marriage equality" forced outrage? What?

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