I cruised by my facebook feed this morning and read the comments from friends who had watched some awards ceremony last night. And I’m all like, "Aw, man! I missed it!"

My coffee didn’t even taste right after I knew that I had wasted my Sunday evening by NOT watching something about giving millionaires trophies. But I really wanted to see it.

And it’s raining outside now. Fitting.

So now I’m all like, "man, I sure wish I had seen them give awards to folks for being the first this and the first that and stuff."

But then I remember that I only wanted to watch two movies in 2013 – Thor and the Counsellor. And I haven’t even seen those yet. But anyway, folks on facebook are like, "Oh, lol j/k smh" and "First time I agreed with the Academy Awards" or "The Oscars suck," and then I feel all, "Aw man – can’t believe I missed it and now it’s raining."

Then I go to Yahoo to check the e-mail real quick, and Yahoo’s all like, "These folks wore clothes at the thing you missed!" and I’m like, "Whaa? I missed that, too! I love their outfits!"

So now I’m thinking about starting a Twitter account just so I can read more about something that happened last night, which I’ve already forgotten about missing out on. And now I don’t remember why I came here.

Anyway, let’s see what folks are raging against this week. It appears telling the world about your preferred sexual fetishes is the soup du jour… still.

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