The first character I think of when someone asks me about my favorite fictional character is Menolly, the protagonist of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonsong and Dragonsinger. Why?

Most plots, particularly those in genre fiction, require protagonists to be action-oriented, as a main character who does nothing does not create an interesting story. But I am a risk-averse introvert who is decidedly the opposite of your average main character. While most of the time it’s fun to live vicariously through characters that are very different from me, occasionally I find it hard to empathize with a loudmouthed, bold-as-brass, trigger-happy protagonist.

This is why Menolly is such a breath of fresh air to me. Menolly is shy, quiet, largely non-confrontational, and obviously introverted. Despite this, she still experiences an amazing adventure. That’s why she’s my favorite character. She is someone I can imagine being, and she has a story I can imagine living.

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