So we have John Brennan admitting that his CIA spied on the Senate staff charged with investigating the agency. I may have my misgivings with the reason for the investigation – can we end the gnashing of teeth over whether we didn’t rub Khalid Sheikh Muhammed’s feet enough when asking him questions about his plans to slaughter Americans? – but the point remains, we can’t have intelligence agencies spying on our elected officials.

So why the heck is Brennan still in his position? Either he’s incompetent or corrupt. I’m actually preferring corrupt because incompetent is too damned scary.
These are frightening times, with some of our highest officials enjoying their high offices rather than languishing in the clink as you and I would.
Instapundit author Glenn Reynolds has a saying: "Laws are for little people."
That’s a frightening sentiment. No, it’s revolting.
Our nation was started by a free people, for a free people.
We are being reduced to subjects.
We need to throw the bums out and throw some of them in jail too.
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