I’d like you to do something very difficult for me, keeping in mind that personal growth only occurs through discomfort. That said, I’m asking you to read this article from a site called Everyday Feminism. Just click on it and begin reading. You may be tempted to stop in disgust after the expression, “the occupied territories that people call ‘the United States,'” but soldier on. Get through it. I did and I’m still here. So you can do it, too.
You’ll find terms like “language justice” and “shift our framing” and “weaponizing the language of transness.” None of those terms make sense. Finish it anyway.
Done? Good.
Yes, it’s a Social Justice word salad that insists that proper grammar is racist and that you, sitting here and minding your own business, are a sexist transphobe benefiting from centuries of brutal oppression and that the only remedy is for you to give up everything you’ve worked for, because you earned your wealth on the backs of more deserving people. The entire piece is intellectually, morally, and ethically bereft, in addition to being horribly long and nonsensical. You know that.
And yet people believe it. Lots of people.
We used to laugh at this sort of thing, shake our heads in disgust, and move on. We can’t do that anymore. When we do, we regret it. This stupidity grows like weeds, and you can’t ignore it. Educators who teach your children believe this stupidity. Entertainers you pay to watch believe this stupidity. People you elect to public office believe this stupidity, and often attempt to write it into law.
Don’t ignore this. Mock it. Ridicule it, because ridiculous statements demand ridicule. Anyone who believes this stupidity needs to be laughed out of the arena of ideas. Ask, loudly and in public, why anyone would be so stupid as to not only believe this, but communicate this stupidity to others as though it’s worthy of consideration.
Anything less makes you complicit in your own civilization’s downfall. Like it or not, that’s what’s at stake. You’ve let this silliness slide long enough, haven’t you? Time to say, loud and proud, No more. I reject you. Don’t do business with people who promulgate this stupidity. Don’t watch their shows, patronize their businesses, attend their schools, or vote for them. It’s not enough to decide they’re idiots and move on. Like it or not, we really are in a fight to preserve Western civilization, and in this war there are no civilians. It’s not as though you have to pick up a real gun and run onto a real battlefield: just put your money where your mouth is. Live your principles. Do it a little at a time. A bit here, a bit there. Are you going to die without listening to a Bryan Adams song again? Isn’t there anywhere else to go on vacation other than Disney this year? Just do one thing, and you’ll find that the next one’s easier.
Remember that discomfort I mentioned at the beginning of this piece? Think about the discomfort that the student athletes at Haines High School in Anchorage feel. That’s not a joke. That’s happening today, right now, and you’re the bigot for thinking that there’s something wrong with it. Somehow, there’s something wrong with you. How did that happen? This silliness happened because we ignored the early warning signs. You’re uncomfortable? Think of the discomfort of parents who have to un-teach all kinds of ridiculous crap their kids come home from school with every day. We’re living the consequences of the denial of objective truth, and before long it won’t just be inconvenience and discomfort that’s at stake.
So do you want to fight alongside those of us who honor truth, or are you going to sit back and decide it has nothing to do with you? Your choice.
Just, you know, choose quickly.
(Cross-posted from my awesome blog.)
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