So I’ve read the Sword of Fire and Ice books several times and I’m being surprised. Briggitte lived longer. Arya got to laugh at the absurdity of her journey with the Hound and just miss seeing her sister. And I waited for baited breath for Tyrion to kill his father. They might have let the SOB live. The show runners are just that depraved.

And I love it! They keep the important things (Red Wedding, Tyrion’s trial) but they make changes that don’t kill or obviously alter the story from its central permmise.

That’s the strength that we’re seeing from multimedia exploration of stories. I’ve actually enjoyed the Dexter and True Blood on television more than I like the books. It’s because the universe is new and fresh, plus actors taking the characters in new ways.And, let’s be honest, sometimes the team of writers working on a project are better than the single author working on it. Plus, they’re going to overtake George R.R. Martin soon. He will be getting ideas from HBO soon.

I’m amazed at how the world of content creation is opening up and as writers we need to be planning that with our works and be prepared to not be devastated if HBO changes our works. #firstworldwriterproblems

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