Audie – I was thrilled to see you mention Soldier’s Angels in your last post. It is one of the truly wonderful organizations helping serve our troops overseas. I worked closely with them during my deployment to Iraq in 2009 and at one point my mail room was nearly overwhelmed by all of the packages they sent.

When I mentioned to them in an email that I was working closely with people from a Kurdish village who had one doctor that visited sporadically and limited medical supplies, I was greeted a couple weeks later with half a dozen large boxes of various over the counter supplies donated from a pharmaceutical supplier of some sort.
Yesterday I was walking through Barnes and Noble when I saw this magazine cover near the checkout line:
The cover so pissed me off I read the article when I got back, and stayed pissed off. One of the arguments James Fallows repeats throughout this polemical attack on our armed forces is that the American people are increasingly disconnected from the people who defend our country.
People like you, and groups like Soldier’s Angels put the lie to this line of argument.
I’ll have more to say about Fallow’s shallow argument in the coming days at PJ Media where, coincidentally, my article discussing how progressive Hollywood was in 2014 was just published.
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