Yes, this again, because we’ve got a new example of Social Justice Warriors looking to ruin the career of someone who they don’t agree with. Noticing a pattern?
Artist Alejandro Ricondo, working under the name Kukuruyo, has the wrong opinions, and because of that, he must be destroyed:
"Since i publicy became a gamergate supporter, the ammount of reports i’ve gotten on art sites have increased, many times in very underserved cases (i got a drawing pulled because the characters had sweat. Yes, sweat…) as well as the amount of people lying about me on blogs and such. And i don’t mean making critiques of me, i mean outright lies (one guy even wrote about how i voted for some candidate in the past US elections, which is interesting considering i’m a spaniard living in Spain)."
Read his entire post and then come back. I’ll still be here.
Do you see it yet? It’s not just me. It’s not just David A Riley. I didn’t make all this up to attack ideological opponents and gain some kind of coveted victim status. Content creators who don’t skew left enough are under assault by Social Justice Warriors intent on ruining their careers. Rather than create things of beauty and lasting value, the SJW’s raison d’etre is to destroy. They’re cultural Visigoths on a mission to eradicate all expression that they don’t approve of.
The comments section on a post describing Kukuruyo’s difficulties at File 770 is, as usual, quite illuminating. Look for yourself, but the prevailing opinion is that Kukuruyo deserves it, that he asked for it, that he’s a pedophile, that it’s not really happening. It’s typical SJW name-calling: according to Ginger Nuts of Horror’s site owner Jim Mcleod, I’m a Nazi; according to the HWA, David Riley’s a fascist; and according to File 770’s commenters, Kukuruyo is a pedophile.
This kind of thing is never going to end until we, as individuals, put a stop to it. Call out the SJW bullies personally, and when you can’t, make sure they know you’re onto them. Consider the lack of character and personal courage it takes to try to anonymously ruin someone’s career over political differences. Isn’t that disgusting? Aren’t you sickened by it?
If not, why not?
One thing I noticed with the David A Riley dust-up is that the science fiction guys barely touched it, if they even acknowledged it was happening. I don’t know if it was due to lack of awareness or if they decided that the horror genre wasn’t relevant to their unique struggles (heh), or what. What it proves is that everybody’s pretty concerned about his or her own rice bowl rather than the whole meal, which is Western culture. Yes, standing up and defending the once-reasonable position that people shouldn’t have their lives ruined for having contrary opinions exposes you to risk, especially because there’s no guarantee you’ll get support. Do it anyway. It’s only free expression at stake.
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