Secondary characters are often more interesting than the protagonist in fiction. This might seem counterintuitive but it actually makes sense.
Amanda Langli is a secondary character who figures in prominently to “The First Transgender Superhuman” in Mortal Gods: Ignition. Here is an excerpt of this story. (An even longer excerpt is a Liberty Island.)
The Caucus had originally lacked cohesion and the ability to function as a unit. Many of its leaders had conflicting ideas and agendas on what to do about the President and his regime. And that wouldn’t have changed had it not been for Amanda and her ability to persuade and mollify people. And once she had succeeded in helping make the Caucus an effective entity, the nation had its first true, albeit secret, opposition to the President and his party in years.
“They will not like what I will do,” Adam told her. “And when they see what I will do, do you honestly think they’ll be able to hold onto their newfound courage?”
Amanda smiled at him and leaned forward, placing both finely manicured hands on his desk as she got closer to him. “Of course they won’t. But I’ll be there to force it back into them,” she said, looking him straight in the eyes. . . .
Read the rest at Liberate Liberty.
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