As everyone knows,Republican Steve Scalise may have spoken to a group of white nationalists over a decade agoI say may because it looks like he didn’t actually attend the conference, despite the pillorying he has undergone in the media.

Whether GOP leadership knew of the weakness of the report or not, the fact that Boehner et. al did not throw Scalise to the wolves is refreshing.

Normally in this sort of situation, the word "racism" is thrown around and a near religious ritual ensues. Fellow Republicans denounce the potential offender and begin ritual self-flagellation. More often than not, the potential offender is let to die on the ice flow.

Perhaps victory has emboldened our leadership. Perhaps they recognize that the calls of racism, having been so overused in the past, have lost their sting.

What needs to happen now is the punch back.

Scalise spoke stupidly once?

Point out thatAl Sharpton – the man who’s calls of "white interloper" got a man killed – has been to the White House 61 times under President Obama’s reign.

Point out that the"Democratic Conscience of the Senate"- Robert Byrd – was actually in the Klan.

Point out that the"Democratic Lion of the Senate" – Ted Kennedy – let a woman drown.

Point out thatCharles Rangel is still serving despite his tax evasion.

In other words, when asked about Scalise, pull an Obama and refuse to answer the mediua’s question.

Answer the basic GOP question: What the hell are these Democrats doing?

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