There once was a time when any five year old could look into a crowd and immediately tell you who was a girl and who was a boy. Those days are almost gone. Leftists have lost their minds so completely they now say any boy can be a girl whenever he, or "she", feels like it, and they demand we all accept this unproven notion without question. ‘Gender Identity’ is new-speak for "I’m not happy with the body nature gave me" and it was exceedingly rare until it started getting publicity. Now anybody seeking attention can claim to have this bizarre condition. Keep in mind this is one hundred percent emotionally driven. There’s no biological science behind this idea at all. In fact, it’s no more sophisticated than "Feel it – Be it". If there was any actual science behind the concept I could simply declare I feel like a fish, and then I’d be able to
live the rest of my life in the ocean. Come on! What’s the point in even studying biology if any idiot can come along later and tell us personal emotions override the science?

We have now reached the point where there is absolutely nothing too stupid for a liberal to believe. I guarantee there will come a day when leftists can declare a turd to be an organic source of recycled food, and liberals will accept it so enthusiastically we’ll next be plagued with a crap shortage. (If you are old enough, you may remember how eagerly the Hollywood Elite embraced such odd health treatments as Coffee Enemas and drinking their own urine. It’s really not too hard to see how easily these type folks could be convinced into putting the by-products of both treatments into one magnificent ‘life enhancing’ smoothie. Lord help me, there ain’t enough sugar in the world to help me make this medicine go down, but, then again, I’m not a brain-dead lefty. All the leftists need are the right words coming from the correct ‘socially approved’ source, and they’ll gobble up any garbage you feed them).

The way things are going, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see the government someday making deals with third world countries to purchase their excrement, and it requires almost no imagination whatsoever to foresee the USDA developing a system to determine which loads are graded as "Choice" and which ones are reserved as "Prime". Once that happens, I expect the phrase "Eat sh** and howl at the moon" to be changed from an insult into a government approved lifestyle.

I also suspect leftists are someday going to figure out a way to actually stuff their heads physically up their
anal orifices. Oh boy, I can’t wait to hear what they’ll say the benefits from that are going to be!

PS: Life to America!

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