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Liberate Liberty has heavily promoted Mortal Gods: Ignition, but now it is time to start talking about what comes next. I am working on multiple, original stories. Here is the second of three parts of what you might eventually see.
The Most Powerful Soldier in the World: I might be the most excited about this real-world-based series that will feature political and national security intrigue.
I don’t want to give too much away about the story so I’ll only say this: a Pennsylvania Army National Guard soldier observes stupidity of the highest order at the highest level of his chain-of-command while he’s deployed in a war zone. The stupidity is so great that it leads him to do something drastic in his civilian life.
And this drastic action sets up the series to tell a lot of interesting and unique tales.
I’m not aware of anyone having used what will be the underlying premise of this series. . . .
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