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Liberate Liberty has heavily promotedMortal Gods: Ignition, but now it is time to start talking about what comes next. I am working on multiple, original stories. Here is the third of three parts of what you might eventually see.
Warrior: Now: The title is a play on how the U.S. Department of Defense likes to create terms such as the"Army After Next"or the"Future Soldier 2030."And for this series, the term, "Warrior: Now," refers to how a warrior once only dreamed of might become a reality.
This is a series of international intrigue and globetrotting, with the first episode showing two private military contractors trying to complete a dangerous mission to retrieve a mysterious package in a war-torn nation. Things become even more dangerous when they encounter foreign troops who are wearing highly advanced gear.
Who are the troops and how did they get such high-tech gear? And what is in the mysterious package? Do the contractors successfully retrieve it? The episode only answers one of those questions because the plan is for the series to answer the other two over the course of time. . . .
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