Question: Which group has the most corruption in it and a higher percentage of Bozos who don’t really know what they are doing, politicians or farmers?

The answer is obvious, and it tells you all you need to know about the differences between New York values and Traditional American values. Farmers have to depend upon themselves to get things done, and politicians depend upon other people for everything. Not that anybody is even aware of it. The politicians have managed to get most of us so dependent upon their so-called leadership we forget they need us more than we need them.

This is where Ted Cruz has a slight problem. He may not have the same New York values as Donald Trump, but he does show signs of having a typical politician’s values, as do most folks running for office, and these two sets of values are very similar. They both contain a high amount of dependency.The good news is the average American, when motivated, has some ability to control those holding political values. That’s not so true with the folks holding New York ones.

New York values are actually a disturbing by-product of living in urban areas. City life breeds dependency, and this is something politicians with New York values are hard-wired to exploit.

To fully understand just how damaging that is all you need do is look at New York. New York is the mother of all dependency in America, and, if we were to analyze it clinically, we’d
discover the New York model for creating dependency is like a parasite – hiding
inside its host and slowly attacking the body until the victim is too weak to resist.

That’s a fair description, except New York values are even worse than a parasite. New York values have been like a robust virus slowly spreading across the country, getting stronger and
stronger over the years, and the sneaky part is most people haven’t even
noticed they’ve been exposed to this illness. Those who have noticed, and aren’t happy with the adverse side-effects, usually still end up being only half correct in their diagnosis; they blame the
proliferation of this ailment on "Californication" (In case you do not already know, this derogatory term was in use for at least two decades prior to the creation of the Showtime series).

Now, it is true California ideas are a contagious form of insanity, and
they are rapidly spreading, but the roots of this mental disease did not start in
the Golden State. This caustic germ came from back-east a long time ago, and it
was introduced as innocently as was the Japanese Beetle. That, by the way, is a
deliberate comparison. In many ways New York values snuck across the state
line, and the result is they have caused enormous damage to California crops.

Although, I must admit the comparison might be a trifle unjust… to the beetle. California
has done a much better job controlling the spread of this insect than they have
the spread of New York style policies.

In an earlier blog I made mention of the fact the California I grew up in was very different from the monstrosity you see today. Back when Gene Autry was still a household name and living on
his ranch in California, the majority of people living in this state considered
themselves true "Westerners". As such, they had great disdain for all the
city-dwellers coming in from back east. I’m sure it comes as no surprise it is
almost impossible to find any Californians expressing that attitude today.

Why? It all stems from the cultural changes the massive influx of those Easterners, primarily from New York, ultimately generated. Surprisingly, this was an unexpected causality of World War Two. Thanks to the tremendous upswing in the economy after that war, these folks now had enough
money to go almost anywhere they wanted, and the two places they most wanted to
go were California and Florida. Both states were highly attractive. Costs were
low, land was plentiful, the environment was incredibly pleasant, and taxes
were much less than the Easterners were accustomed to paying.

With all those advantages being
available at what they considered bargain prices, it was only natural for Easterners
to flock to California in large numbers. In the process, they bought out, or pushed
out, most of the previous settlers. Ironically, the bulk of the people in the
Western states had deliberately moved there to get away from the lunacy of the
big cities, and now the lunacy was coming to them. Sadly, there was almost
nowhere else to go. The presence of the Pacific Ocean meant the former Californians’
only real escape was to head eastward again to the more barren inner states.

Unfortunately, as the newcomers
moved into California, they brought with them the "New York" mentality they
grew up with. They did much the same thing in Florida as well, to a smaller degree,
but I’ll touch upon that in another posting.

As the "Western" way of life was
pushed out, so too was the value system attracting most of the "Easterners" to
move there in the first place. The Western way was to live with the land and
preserve most of it the way they found it (The Pixar movie Cars does a pretty good job of illustrating this), and, believe it or not, this is the basic premise behind being a conservative.

The reason taxes used to be low was because the folks with the "Western" mentality didn’t need much from the government. They took care of themselves, and they maintained an incredibly cheap cost of living. Mostly this was because there were very few unnecessary regulations placing a burden upon costs, but it was also because these people lived by a credo of "A fair day’s work for a fair
day’s pay." A modest profit was all anybody wanted, and it was enough to keep
life comfortable for everybody. However, that all changed when the New York
values took over.

If you are struggling with that
premise, just review in your mind all the film portrayals you’ve ever seen of
how New York politicians and unions take care of business. Then you should
start to understand. The Easterners didn’t change the way they behaved just
because they changed where they lived.

On film, as in real life, those
holding New York values are driven to get into positions of power so they can
dictate how other people will behave, and the one glaring theme you pick up on
is they don’t mind skirting the rules to achieve their goals. We’ve all seen numerous
movie and TV depictions of the shenanigans going on behind the scenes when
these folks are trying to either gain power or to maintain it, but even when those
storylines are fictional they’re still based upon tricks real people have actually
used. It was people with this mindset who started using votes from dead people
to swing elections, and it’s these same type people today who are such
control-freaks they are even trying to decree what words you can or cannot say.

Contrast that with the Traditional
American value of "Live and let live." Those holding this value do not want to pass
new laws dictating how anybody else will behave; they just want to be left
alone. They believe the truest definition of doing what’s fair is, "I won’t
mess with you, and you won’t mess with me."

I can’t help but wonder why nobody notices the ‘live and let live’ concept is never applied when liberals talk about what they think is fair. It’s funny. The solutions they support are constantly presented under the guise of fairness and equality, but all we ever get afterwards is an equal amount of unfairness. Even
when they say they are only going after the rich, the rest of us always seem to end up paying.

Not to put too fine an edge on it, but the biggest New York value seems to be an unrelenting desire to bilk
ordinary citizens of their hard earned money.

One fine example is all the bridges
around San Francisco where you have to pay tolls to cross. Where else do you
see so many toll bridges? As soon as you answer that question you’ll realize this
goofy idea came from back east. In fact, it is a major cornerstone of the
Northeasterner mind-set. To this day you will find transplanted folks from New
York and New Jersey advocating for toll roads and bridges in whatever city they
currently reside. Thank heaven their proposals usually get rejected, but the
idea is continuously being thrown around as a way to drum up revenue. The
problem is when tolls are implemented they’re rarely used for bridge and road
repair. Nope, those things are actually covered already under separate budgets,
so the sole thing the tolls do is give numbskull politicians enough funds to
destroy the world around them. Unfortunately, destroying things in the name of "Social
engineering" is exactly what they always do. California is a case in point.

California truly had been a garden
spot in the past, but anybody with eyes can see much of it has been turned into
a wasteland today. Just by looking at the devastation it’s obvious a parasite
has taken over, but almost nobody is blaming the correct parasite. Contrary to
popular myth, it was Northeastern liberals, and not greedy Republican
capitalists, who came in and started burying the state under concrete and mindless
governmental policies. That distinction is very important because, until a
correct diagnosis is made, no cure can ever be found and the resulting treatments
will always keep doing more harm than good.

As anybody who has ever used the
word "brash" to describe people from New York knows, the New York mindset is
rather arrogant. It wasn’t any different in the 40’s and 50’s. New Yorkers and
their ilk came in thinking they could make their new state better than the one
they just left, and they never even considered leaving things in California the
way they were.

Nonetheless, it was
never a case of them arriving with an outright goal of conquest; it was just an
unforeseen consequence of so many people with similar values moving into certain
areas and changing the world around them. Oddly enough, the changes they
supported were based upon a perplexing belief they could bring in the Eastern
way of doing things without creating the same miserable conditions they’d so
recently fled.

They were mistaken, but they were
incapable of admitting it. Big surprise, huh? That has always been a normal
characteristic of the truly arrogant.

Thanks to the sheer number of Easterners who
poured into California during the fifties, the changes they supported finally started
going into noticeable effect around 1964. As soon as they got their teeth firmly
dug in, the take-over after that was rather rapid. By 1970 the state had been thoroughly
corrupted, and this was most noticeably seen in the sloppy way they were running the
public schools.

Everything California kids now know
about illegal drug use, gang life and unrestrained sexual behavior they first learned
at school. Some of it is actually part of the curriculum, but most of it is
learned while the school administrators are turning a blind eye. What is barely
being taught is any real education. On top of that, your child is more likely
to be threatened with disciplinary action for reading a Bible than for cursing
out the teacher.

Things outside the schools also deteriorated. By 1970 housing prices more than doubled, the cost of living increased, and taxes skyrocketed. (You may have noticed that trend has only accelerated since then).

Sure, the climate may have remained the same, but that’s only because leftists haven’t yet
figured out how to ruin weather "for the good of society". Most egregiously, the
environment was forever changed. Farms, ranches, orchards, and large swaths of
ocean-front landscape were massively destroyed to make room for all the
buildings the folks from back east wanted.

A little logic is in order here. The
state is now overrun with leftists complaining about the way nature was bulldozed
to make room for houses and industries, but accepting that complaint means you
must overlook all the leftists living in those houses and working in those
industries. Hell, many of those industries were started by liberals, and even the
ones that weren’t are mostly being run by people supporting liberal ideologies
right now.

What, the libs didn’t arrive until
after nature had been so badly destroyed it was impossible to fix? Come on! If
that were true, and if they truly cared, they either would not have moved there
in the first place, or else they would have returned most of the land back to
nature. Indeed, there’s nothing stopping them from tearing down the buildings
they own now, and here’s where classic leftism reveals its selfish inner self.
These folks aren’t upset with the way nature was ruined to make room for them;
they are only upset with the way it was ruined for somebody else.

They won’t ever admit it, but liberals
are directly responsible for every single problem they whine about today. In
fact, whenever it is pointed out things actually got worse after their ideas
were applied, the only defense they have ever been able to come up with is an
updated version of the old, "The bed was already on fire when I got into it"
excuse, and then they list all the sinister forces they believe are keeping
them from putting out the fire. This is because leftism propagates paranoia. The
hard-corps leftist is so sure of his own brilliance the sole explanation for
failure he can ever imagine is somebody else must be working against him.

Here’s an interesting observation. Leftist politicians are the only salesmen in the world who can stay in business by doggedly selling a product nobody has ever been able to make work. The sales pitch is always,"ignore its proven flaws; focus on the dream it represents." They firmly believe each failure is just another landmine they must remove to ensure a clear path towards peace and harmony for mankind. They won’t give up because they think they’ll eventually run out of landmines. One thing’s for sure, there isn’t a religious zealot anywhere out there who can equal a leftist for fanatical dedication to an unproven ideology.

Leftists are so stubborn in their beliefs they
deliberately blind themselves to the reality many things were better before
they started bringing in their big-government ideas, and they won’t even do any
honest self-reflection after seeing how miserably their glorious plans have
been failing. Let me do it for them. Attention, New York liberals, California
was in great shape and much more beautiful before you got there.

I’ve got a question for people who
consider themselves open-minded. Liberals with New York values have controlled
the culture in California for at least fifty years, so they’ve certainly had
enough time to make all their solutions work, but what have they really done? Oh
sure, there’s no doubt they have made thousands upon thousands of changes, but
where have they made a single major improvement? Traffic is a nightmare, taxes
are insane, farms are being ruined, possibly forever, and we’re still supposed
to believe they’ve made California the model for the rest of the country to
follow? I would disagree. Just name one mess ever created by humans that made
for a better world.

All right, in the interest of
fairness I suppose an argument could be made for Berlin after World War Two,
but even there things remained a mess until the Communists finally left, and
that brings up another interesting point. Berlin wasn’t made better by bringing
in new ways to do things; it was made better by rebuilding what they had before
the madness took over. There’s a lesson in that, and California would be better off if
it followed that example.

Here’s a real solution. Why don’t we deport all the arrogant California politicians back to New York? For that matter, why stop with just the California politicians? Let’s send every
politician in the country with similar beliefs to New York, and then we could
do like the movie Escape From New York. We’ll just build a wall around the whole area and tell them they can’t come out until they make all their ridiculous ideas work. Yeah, I know. They’ll all be
dead in less than six months.

Okay, if you are appalled by that thought, there is another more humane option. We could just say they can’t come out until they sign a statement admitting they were mistaken in their beliefs, and then they’d also have to sign a pledge promising to never support those ideas again. Not that the outcome would be very much different. The odds are good many of them would still be too stubborn to sign. However, in that event we could just write off their eventual demise as a mass case of assisted suicide. Feel better?

You know, either option would only be fair. After all, they have never minded putting our lives at risk with many of their social experiments (Think of the body count they’ve chalked up already from early release programs and the protection of criminals in sanctuary cities). The least they could do is put their own lives on the line, for once.

Still think California is a model of
progressivism? Well, duh! It sure is, but it’s the kind of progressivism you
have to be rich to enjoy. Well, either that or you have to be homeless. Lord
knows something is attracting them, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t job
opportunities. Other than that, people living in poverty aren’t really seeing
their lives being improved at all. The average Californian resident with a job
certainly isn’t any better off. The little guy is struggling harder than ever
because the present costs of living are massively outweighing any benefits
received from the state in return.

What good will all the progressive
changes be when even the rich won’t be able to stand living there anymore?

The question just about answers
itself. Without the rich around to feed them leftists ideas would starve.

The funny thing is the leftists
still don’t see it. The worse life got in California the more fixes they tried
to implement, and, then, when all the "fixes" failed to do anything except add
to the misery, many of them began to move to other states. Any chance the ones who
left learned a lesson? Uh-uh, they are still so arrogant none of them will
admit they were driven out by their own foolishness.

That exodus is still ongoing, and,
since they are taking all their inane New York values with them, this same
cycle of stupidity is going to infect other states. It’s already infecting
Arizona, and it’s possible it will even be able to overwhelm Texas. The city of
Austin has been infected for quite some time, and Houston is rapidly catching

The bottom line is every city
struggling to remain solvent today has been victimized by New York values, and
all the crime and poverty the leftist groups complain about will only keep
getting worse until they start following Traditional American values again. Think
any politician of any party will ever give up his or her benefits to truly push
that idea? Ha! Unless we the people start making our presence felt, it’s a
solid gold certainty none of them ever will.

Making your presence felt isn’t that hard. You need to vote in the primaries, and you first have to look for candidates who are strong. (Choosing wimpy politicians with strong ideals but weak hearts is what got us into the dangerous Iran nuclear deal). After you’ve settled on two or three you could support, just vote for the one with the smaller ego. Now that you are aware politicians are governed by dependency, you want to go for the ones who know they are dependent on you, rather than the ones who want to keep you dependent upon them.

You can easily tell the difference. The ones in the latter category are inclined to feel they can do whatever they want and get away with it. As soon as they let you see that side of their personality you’ll know their own personal interests will always outweigh the interests of the country, so vote for the one who wants to win your support by actually doing what’s best for the US.

If you do that, you may not get exactly what you want every time, but you will always know things could have been worse.

PS: Life to America! (Well, to the former idea of America, anyway.)

Personal Note: I’d just like to thank you if you managed to read all the way to this point. I am aware reading can be a chore, but if I learned anything at all in life it’s sound-bite type messages tend to be misleading. The whole truth is only obtained when details backing up your points are provided. I took logic, so I know short statements are normally designed to make you draw your own, incorrect, conclusions. It is my aim to avoid doing that.

Additionally, it has not escaped my attention I do not exactly fit in on this website because I was never formally involved in the publishing world. I did other things with my life, so this is a learning experience for me. What I write about comes mostly from what I personally witnessed and occasionally from what I researched. I’m basically just squeaking my mind in the wilderness, and I’m grateful to Liberty Island for allowing me this small platform from which to vent. It’s been awfully decent of you folks to avoid mentioning my lack of qualifications for creator status. Thanks

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