Here is a preview of a new Mortal Gods story I am working on called, “I Am Chaos.” I will publish it in full–and for free–at Liberty Island once I complete it.The story takes place after, “Like Hail and Fire, Mixed with Blood,” in Mortal Gods: Ignition but before both, “The First Transgender Superhuman,” and, “Warrior.”
This version of, “I Am Chaos,” is not a finished draft so some of what you see below–including (possibly) names–will change in the final version. But this gives you an idea of what you can expect.
Abbey had wanted to go straight home after work but she had already agreed to go out to eat with the others. And once she got to the restaurant she was glad she hadn’t come up with an excuse to skip out on it.
The dining area of the New York restaurant was on the second floor so they had a great view out the floor to ceiling windows onto the streets below them even where they were seated in the middle of the floor space. The lights were dim enough inside that they didn’t overwhelm the outside lights. Abbey had salad and a vegetarian entree. She wanted steak but didn’t want the rest of the group to see her eat meat.
Derrick was to her right, stroking his soul patch, the only part of his facial hair that could possibly be said to be fully grown, with the rest of what passed for a beard very thin and sparse. Turin sat next to him and already had food on his stomach as it poured onto the table. Brindin was next. And beside him was Mi. Yolanda sat next to her.
“So I’m taking this established superhero, see, and I’m evolving him for the twenty-first century,” Derrick said, explaining his latest work as a writer for the leading comic book company in the U.S. “Everyone is so used to General Truth to being some sort of stooge for the American government or big business, and I wanted to reimagine that for modern times. He now really lives up to his name.”
“Dude, that sounds so awesome. And it’s about time,” Brindin told him. He was a writer for one of the premiere liberal publications in the nation.
“We’re going to diversify it as well,” Derrick told his black friend. “No more old white guys.” . . .
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