Christmas is almost here. And Liberate Liberty is making one final push for readers to purchase Mortal Gods: Ignition. After that, with 2017 only days away, we’ll be ready for the first book of Mortal Gods stories to be on its own, and we’ll move onto focusing on new tales. So for the final push, let’s summarize the short stories of MG:I.
"Like Hail and Fire, Mixed with Blood" leads the book. The U.S. has been hit with a massive attack. A foreign intelligence professional for the nation that attacked the U.S. is in Americaand thinks his country has gotten away with it.
But he suddenly receives a cryptic warning about retribution from a mysterious, beautiful woman. She tells him that while the American government isn’t going to respond to what his nation did, someone else will. He rushes back to his home country to warn it about the possible threat. But his government thinks his warning is insane.
Has he lost his mind or was the woman a harbinger of judgment day? . . .
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