There are no quotas for excellence. The longer I live, this bears repeating for many of us that have watered down and forgotten the meaning of that term; there are no quotas for excellence.
It does not grade performance on a curve or feel remorse for refusing to attach significance to the superficial. It does not care where our ancestors were born, what our bone structure, hair or eyes look like; nor, if you’ve ever noticed, is it the least bit impressed by what we wear or how badly we claim to want it.
Excellence never asks what our political views are or whether we agree with the appetites and whims of the majority. By the way, that really pisses-off the majority.
The standard that separates those who routinely elevate what they do, -pioneers and explorers and artists at their respective professions, does not apologize for how the diversity chart appears afterward. To those who evaluate this world and everyone in it primarily by skin color and genetics, this is an affront. Excellence, though, never even turns around to acknowledge it or the exaggerated outrage.
As it turns out, we can become addicted to almost anything these days, – especially counting, keeping track and even setting quotas. But, remember; there are no quotas for excellence.
Likewise, there are no exemptions for accountability.
Accountability never asks us what anyone else is doing. It cares even less than excellence about historical findings or theories, what’s trending this week or which newly invented excuse sounds like a good defense.
If we use and lie to others, accountability knows. If we abort what we promised to do, accountability remembers. It stands up for those we abuse, neglect and abandon; it imposes a sentence for each crime we commit without regard to what sociologists think or a counselor might recommend.
We expend so much energy making excuses and obsessing on everything but these two immovable objects, it’s a wonder that this world is not more screwed-up than it is. Boycott whatever you want; protest and sign petitions until your pen runs out of ink.
The best will prevail. The worst will sink.
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