It’s been said that if you don’t like the results of the election, change the electorate.

One wonders if that is not what "comprehensive immigration reform" is all about. After all, when you have the Chamber of Commerce holding hands with La Raza, our BS detectors should be on alert. After all, whether it is crony capitalism or affirmative action, both groups favor large government solutions in order to help their constituencies.
So when they say that legalizing millions of illegal aliens and importing millions more is the solution to all of our problems, we have to look at what’s in it for them. And we know the answer: low cost workers and lower information voters.
The latter is potentially the most dangerous impact of mass immigration. After all, if they change the voting population, our entire Republic is up for grabs.
Yet our Republican overlords tell us that the illegal immigrant population are natural conservatives. However, Phyllis Schlaffly points out that facts belie this claim and points out that legal Hispanic voters prefer Democrats by a 2 to 1 basis. They even view Wall Street more negatively than people in the Occupy movement.
And now we have an even larger X-factor: the current Children’s Crusade invasion of our southern border. Here you have thousands of children, current estimates saying nearly a hundred thousand this year, and what is the first thing they hear?
We’re the government and we’re hear to help.
Unlike Ronald Reagan, they won’t see the irony in that statement. They will see the government saving them from the desert, providing them food and shelter.
They will see a catch and release program, where they simply give a promise to appear at immigration hearings but can just melt into the population.
In short, these new arrivals will see taxpayer largess coupled with a complete lack of accountability. This will be their view of the United States.
Who do you think they will vote for?
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