There’s a website called Buzzfeed. If you’ve seen social media, you’ve seen something from Buzzfeed, because it posts lists like "The 25 Gayest Pictures of the Pope" and "27 Cat Pictures That Are Never Not Funny". Buzzfeed also has a news division, which has as much to do with real journalism as Japanese bukkake videos have to do with personal intimacy. A recent Buzzfeed piece attacked the Christian hosts of an HGTV show called Fixer Upper because they belong to a church that has beliefs different from whatever the Buzzfeed editorial staff believes. You can read the details here:
Reporter Kate Aurthur, who was unable to obtain comment from the couple, wrote only that their church stood "firmly against same-sex marriage."
"Their pastor considers homosexuality to be a ‘sin’ caused by abuse — whether the Fixer Upper couple agrees is unclear," a headline with the article said.
The Buzzfeed article is a blatant, disgusting attempt to ruin the careers of the Gaines couple because they might think differently. The Fixer Upper hosts were minding their own business, climbing the ladder of success, and simply found themselves under attack from a media outlet looking for a scalp. That’s Buzzfeed’s form of journalism.
Going to switch gears for a moment, but hold on. It’s all building up to something.
The other story is that Kellogg’s, at the request of a tiny but loud handful of progressive activists, has decided to pull all of its advertising from the conservative site because Breitbart has a different political outlook than they do. Here’s another story about the dust-up:
Breitbart has drawn flak for its controversial articles, such as a piece that warned of “Muslim invaders” and another that dubbed conservative thinker Bill Kristol a “Renegade Jew.” The site had 19.2 million unique monthly U.S. visitors in October, up from 12.9 million a year ago, according to ComScore Inc.
Sounds pretty inflammatory, doesn’t it?
It isn’t. The "Muslim invaders" piece was written as satire by a gay man (his sexuality is relevant if you read the article), and the "Renegade Jew" piece was written by David Horowitz, a Jewish man concerned about Israel and America’s future under a Clinton administration. Note the lack of context in the Bloomberg article I quoted; it’s a smear attempt.
A few years ago I wrote an article for Breitbart about plot over politics for storytellers; it was a great honor for me, because Andrew Breitbart was one of my heroes. is not a racist, anti-Semitic organization, despite the smears from an advocacy press devoted to eliminating all ideological opposition.
Kellogg’s is deliberately limiting its customer base, telling you, the customer, that if you don’t toe the progressive line, it doesn’t want your business. It’s virtue-signaling. So now I’ve got to drop Kellogg’s products from the shopping list.
I ask this all the time, but it’s still relevant: aren’t you tired of having somebody else’s politics shoved into your face at every turn? Aren’t you sick to death of every little decision becoming a choice between just living your life and participating in a stupid ideological battle? That’s what the American left has driven us to. It’s not enough to sit in front of Fixer Upper after a long day of work; Fixer Upper‘s hosts have to have the right beliefs or they’ve got to go. You can’t just eat cereal: the cereal company has to approve of you. Bruce Springsteen won’t play for you if you don’t let men into women’s private areas. Target wants you to know that it wants men in women’s private bathroom and changing areas.
Now that the Social Justice Warriors and other progressive ideologues have had their faces rubbed into the muck of defeat by the tiny little hands of Donald Trump, a man who ran specifically against their agenda of social engineering, they are furious. Losing isn’t going to make them just stop. They’re going to redouble their efforts, sticking it to us stupid, cousin-humping hicks in flyover country harder than before. This Culture War is going to get uglier than you ever thought possible.
I got to experience the Culture War firsthand when Jim Mcleod, owner of Ginger Nuts of Horror, kicked me off the writing staff of the site and called me, a Jewish man, a Nazi, for having a set of beliefs that millions and millions of other people share. So I’m pretty familiar with it.
I know you didn’t ask for this. I sure didn’t. Do you really think I want to try to explain to my kid why we can buy some cereals and not others? Why we no longer go to the "red store"? They’re the ones doing this to us. That’s what you’ve got to understand: this is a war and the Social Justice Warriors have decided that if you’re not with them, you’re the enemy. They really, really do hate you. Get that through your head. They hate you, even if you don’t hate them. Even if you’ve never even heard of them and didn’t give a damn. While you’re minding your own business, they’re thinking about how much they hate you.
Now’s the time to start giving a damn. Vote with your feet. Don’t go where you’re not wanted, which means not buying products from people who hate you and not consuming the media made by people who hold you in contempt. Recognize that you’re in the crosshairs of an implacable enemy, and behave accordingly. Anything less is asking for abuse.
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